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Best nature for dragonite

best nature for dragonite

Only a very few people ever see a Dragonite. Its intelligence is said to match that of humans. Battle Moveset. A Good Moveset for Dragonite would have to be. Dragonite also has access to Dragon Dance, and it is one of the best users of the . Maximum Attack investment with an Adamant nature allows Dragonite to hit. Physical attacking Dragonite is a lot better than a special attacking one, although a Dragonite with Hurricane on a rain team can work.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Part 55 - CATCHING DRAGONITE! Then it was created as in Illusion by ghosts in a forest. The set I posted is even better if you have Hazards up. On the other hand, you choose to use only Special damage moves, you'll want a nature that'll boost your Special Attack stat, but not weaken your Speed stat preferability a nature that weakens your Attack stat. Best nature for Dragonite? Wide Lens to raise the accuracy of Iron Tail Abillty: What are the best pokemon natures for my pokemon? A Dragonite's main stat is actually "Attack", so that would be my secondary suggestion as to a "low pool" stat to sacrafice, if you'd prefer not to have a lower Sp. It hits many things hard. Here's some pretty good movesets: The time now is 6: Why is everyone obsessed with sex and trying to find "love"? Surf- gets powered from the rain. For Special Attack, go for Mild nature or Rash nature. What improvements could be made on my Dragonite on Pokemon Firered? I wouldn't suggest Dragon Clay poker chips considering the rest of the moveset is physical. Gilford View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Visit Homepage. Ghosts Dynasty Warriors 8 Grand Theft Auto V Watch Dogs White Knight Chronicles II. This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. This nature would suit him because you would start to equalize your speed and attack stats much closer. Related questions Which nature- adamant or jolly? However, neither is particularly good on Dragonite it's not exactly scared of Fire or Ground, and most Rock types would take more damage from Surf if you were terrified of them for whatever reason. Not to mention all the random status spam. Send a private message to moments. Playstation 3 Forums Games Forum Directory PS3 Forum Top Forums Call of Duty: Multiscale is a great ability, giving Dragonite incredible bulk, possibly allowing it to survive an Ice attack even. I diggggg the "sleeping dragon". Personally, i try to train all my pokemon based on the Speed and Attack. Similar Threads Milotic Nature ev spread moveset help? Avoid Modest and Quiet natures, which both also add Special Attack bonus points, but Modest sacrifices Attack, and Quiet sacrifices Speed. Dragonite is the only Pokemon that can learn these moves. It hits many things hard. My shinies are not for trade or cloning.

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